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What is Dezphonics?

DezPhonics is an interactive Reading Program, that teaches the beginning reader the basic fundamentals needed to read the English Language.

How does Dezphonics work?

DezPhonics breaks down the English Language into 20 to 30 minute lessons consisting of: letter recognition, letter sounds, digraphs, blends, and consonant clusters, deck review of letters, sounds, and keywords, reading practice and comprehension, spelling practice, and review of sight words and high frequency words.

How much of an improvement in my child's reading skills can I expect?

Dezphonics can improve the students reading fluency. In approximately 10 weeks, students can expect to read at about 45 words per minute.

Is there any data to backup Dezphonics claim?

About 92% of the students who participated in the pre-launch showed significant improvement in their reading fluency. Students from various demographics, grade levels, and limited educational backgrounds participated in the pre-launch program. We welcome any institution to participate in a "pilot program", to validate our reading program.

What grade level can use Dezphonics?

The targeted audience is Kindergarten and First Grade but DezPhonics is used in all the primary grades. The DezPhonics Reading Program is really targeted to the individual students reading ability and not specifically a certain grade but most beginning readers are concentrated in the Kindergarten and First Grade. DezPhonics is also targeted to ELL (English Language Learners) students, Special Education students, and students with Dyslexia.

Why does my Dezphonics license only last 90 days?

Dezphonics is most effective when there is little lag time between lessons. Each registration will expire 90 days form the registration date provides ample time for a child to work through all 50 lessons.